Wedding VUE: Suneet Maan

Wedding VUE: Suneet Maan

We are back with another Wedding VUE and we can’t wait to share this interview with bride-to-be Suneet Maan discussing her upcoming August 2022 wedding. Suneet and her fiancé, Arsh live in New York City. They are originally from Vancouver, BC, and moved to New York last year. They love traveling together, spending time with friends and family, trying new recipes and exploring their own backyard. 

Please introduce yourself and tell us more about you and your fiancé? 

My name is Suneet, I am a lawyer and digital content creator. My fiancé and I live in New York City. We went to the same high school, he was two years ahead of me, we knew of each other, but never actually spoke. We met again 5 years later at a charity event. We added each other on facebook, and then a little while after that he reached out to set up a date, we have been together ever since! We got engaged in September 2019. Arsh surprised me with a proposal beyond my wildest dreams, it’s a night we will remember forever!

Tell us about your wedding, have you started planning? and if so, how would you describe your wedding style? 

We have started planning! We were originally planning a 2021 wedding, but with all the uncertainty in the world right now, we have decided to postpone until 2022! We are having our wedding back home in Vancouver British Columbia. Our wedding ceremony will be in my parents backyard. Our vision is to have everything look whimsical and dreamy, we will be incorporating soft hues and tons of florals. For our reception we are going for a romantic and vintage vibe, we are thinking plenty of lights, lots of greenery and candles. 


What elements will you add to ensure that the wedding is authentically true to yourself and your relationship? 

Our family and friends mean the world to both of us. We want to make sure our big day isn’t just about us, but is also about celebrating the love we share with all of our loved ones. We want to make sure that everyone who attends our wedding knows just how important they are to us! 

Are you doing anything different or out of the ordinary? 

We both love to dance, and our families do as well. For our pre-wedding party, we are planning a big dance performance that incorporates us, our friends, and our families! We can’t wait!  

If your wedding day was made into a movie, what do you think the name of the movie would be?

Our Big Fat Indian wedding! We are planning a traditional Indian wedding and we will be having 3 days of events leading up to the big day!  

Congrats Suneet and Arsh and it sounds like it will be such a beautiful celebration!

Thank you for joining us for this Wedding VUE. You can find Suneet on her Instagram: @the.sunset.diaries. Stay tuned for our next Wedding VUE on October 30 and while you’re here, don’t forget to check out our new bridesmaid collection to help celebrate all the great weddings to come.