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Her VUE: Meredith of Rocking Bird Flower Co. - VUE by SEK

Her VUE: Meredith of Rocking Bird Flower Co.

Over the last few months, the VUE by SEK team has been interviewing ladies in the D.C. area to highlight their view on life, work and creativity. Enjoy the interview below with Meredith of Rocking Bird Flower Co., who’s floral arrangements are truly pieces of art. Her home studio is filled with mid-western influence and gorgeous lighting. Read below to learn how Meredith celebrates the season.

1. Introduce yourself! Tell us about yourself and your business.

Hi! I’m Meredith Wallace and I run Rocking Bird Flower Co. Rocking Bird is a full-service flower business specializing in wild organic designs.

2. What brought you to start a career as a florist and Rocking Bird Co?

Growing up in Montana, I’d always been interested in the visual world. I started experimenting with floral design a few years ago really just as a hobbyist. It quickly became a deep rabbit hole and then an all-consuming passion so I decided to start a company.


3. What’s your VUE? Tell us about your signature, everyday style.

Colorful, bold, relaxed.

4. What are you currently enjoying this winter season?

Being wrapped up in a warm blanket with a cup of cocoa in front of my fireplace!!

5. How did you choose your custom VUE by SEK earring pairing?

I wanted something that was fairly neutral so that it would pair well with lots of different elements but also unusual so that it could be a small accent statement unto itself. The earrings I chose I think perfectly captured all of those elements.