the gold layered dome collection

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Our gold layered dome earring collection has six seasonal stunning combinations with a modern vibe. Featuring permanent favorites like the white jade and our new sparking goldstone, our layered dome collection has a variety of sizes, shapes and stones for you to choose from. Pick your favorite combination and show us your VUE.

Artistic: Inspiration from Dan Flavin and the Dwan Gallery exhibition. This design came from a desire to create a juxtaposition of modern art and art deco. The layered dome style pairs with six beautiful stone options. Choose from goldstone, blue agate, labradorite, labradorite larvikite, tree agate, and white jade to find the combination that  compliments your own style. 

Effortless: Our gold layered dome earrings blend from your day to night with ease. They are the perfect mix of every day wear with just the right amount of statement for almost any look.  

Crafted: Vue jewelry is nickel free. Our pieces are small-batched, handcrafted, and all made ethically and locally right here in the United States. All earrings in our layered dome collection are 14k yellow gold plated. 

  1. 14k gold layered dome + blue agate earrings 1.4" x .5"

  2. 14k gold layered dome + goldstone earrings 1.2" x .4"

  3. 14k gold layered dome + labradorite earrings 1.4" x .8"

  4. 14k gold layered dome + labradorite larvikite earrings 1.4" x .6"

  5. 14k gold layered dome + tree agate earrings 1.4" x .6"

  6. 14k gold layered dome + white jade earrings 1.6" x 1"

Care: We want y’all to be able to wear VUE jewelry forever. Our pieces are preciously crafted just for you and we hope you’ll treat them that way! Our gold and rhodium-plated metals might see a little natural tarnishing over time with wear, so we recommend gently wiping jewelry with a soft polishing cloth and storing in a dry place. Also, our pieces prefer to stay out of the water, excessive sunlight, and humidity, and please try to keep everything away from chemicals and abrasive surfaces. Basically, we hope you’ll treat our jewelry with as much love and care as you’d treat any piece of art!

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