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Her VUE: Jen Glantz, Founder of Bridesmaid for Hire - VUE by SEK

Her VUE: Jen Glantz, Founder of Bridesmaid for Hire

Her VUE blog features inspiring women who share similar core values of staying true to themselves, as well as making conscious choices, from purchasing to creating and living as a whole. We had the honor of talking to and getting to know the ever inspiring and entertaining, Jen Glantz this week....
Wedding VUE: Suneet Maan - VUE by SEK

Wedding VUE: Suneet Maan

Bride-to-be Suneet Maan discussing her upcoming August 2022 wedding. Suneet and her fiancé Arsh live in New York City. They are originally from Vancouver, BC, and moved to New York last year. They love traveling together, spending time with friends and family, trying new recipes and exploring the...
Her VUE: Katrina Sellers - VUE by SEK

Her VUE: Katrina Sellers

“I’m someone who loves delighting other people. It’s one of the main reasons I started this brand...I wanted a chance to create things that made people feel.”
Wedding VUE: Heather Loberger - VUE by SEK

Wedding VUE: Heather Loberger

We are thrilled to have a new Wedding VUE featuring Heather and Ryan! Heather Loberger and her fiancé Ryan met three years ago in the same Radiology program in Madison, WI. Ryan graduated a year ahead and they ended up meeting again in X-ray school. The rest was history and they have been togethe...
Wedding VUE: Emily Belloma - VUE by SEK

Wedding VUE: Emily Belloma

A new Wedding VUE is here! Our blog series celebrating love, weddings, and some amazing brides-to-be is back. We are excited to have Emily sharing her upcoming woodsy wedding and what it feels like to postpone your 2020 date. Emily Belloma is a blogger and marketer who has a passion for finding g...
Her VUE: Kara Ladd, CEO & Founder of Boundless - VUE by SEK

Her VUE: Kara Ladd, CEO & Founder of Boundless

“I have a very purpose driven perspective that has evolved over time. My vue is like an esoteric spiritual-meets-purpose driven perspective that’s really defined me over the last few years.” Kara Ladd